Providing Value vs. Selling

As challenging as it may seem, I am realizing how important it is that I provide value to the people I am meeting with for Business Development. Not just, “how can I get work from you,” or “what do I need to do to win the next project,” but “is there something new I can bring to you to improve your knowledge or help you achieve your goals?” Bottom line, what do I really know about my clients and the people I work with? On top of that, am I providing value in the community for which people may seek me out as an expert? These are critical questions and likely not very many people want to be honest in answering them.

You need to frequently ask yourself the basic questions of work and life:

  • What ultimate goals am I pursuing?
  • What is really motivating me?
  • How am I viewing my relationship with others?
  • As trite as it may sound, we most often get off-track because we lose sight of what is really most important.

Are you asking yourself these questions?  Do you put yourself in the shoes of your client and contemplate how they see you?  What other questions do you ask yourself before you meet with a potential prospect?